the leader of the pack

We started in Brooklyn back in October 1988, Commercial Lubricants, LLC, dba Metrolube was established as a Mobil lubricants distributor exclusively for bidding on government and municipal contracts.  In 1988, the complete operation was moved to 229 Arlington Avenue in Staten Island, NY.  Starting out in January 1989 with just the will to survive, Metrolube was one of the smallest and under financed distributors in Metro New York and New Jersey.

Metrolube began its rise to the top by winning its first major bid, The New York City Department of General Services contract in 1989.  This supply contract was for the NYPD, FDNY, DOT, DEP, DOC, EMS, New York Ferry's and NYC Department of Sanitation.

At the same time, Metrolube developed a mission statement: "Quality, Integrity, Reliability and Service."  This holds the key to its success.

Metrolube completely changed the industry's everyday business with its next day delivery service.  This radical change has been the most significant factor in Metrolub's rise to the top in its industry.  Our commitment to customer service was even further enhanced by providing each and every customer with direct access to the owner.

Large or small, every customer received the same professional personal treatment.  This fact still holds true today!  Truth-be told, Metrolube still has more than 80% of its original customers from its beginning in 1989.  The dedication and loyalty of its core customer base far exceeds any national average.

Metrolube has the largest Federal; State & New York City approved bulk storage facility of its kind.  With over a half million gallons of dedicated bulk storage, Metrolube again proved their commitment to quality and integrity of all products.

The company boasts the most exclusive direct distribution contracts of any of its competitors, exclusively supplying such companies as General Motors Goodwrench Motor Oil, Lexus-Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Porsche, Saab, Kia, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, Nissan, Infiniti, Goodyear Tire, Verizon, Jiffy Lube, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Jet Blue, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Airways, Express Jet, United Airlines, Atlas Airlines, Endeavor Airlines, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, The McAllister Towing, Reinauer Transporation, Moran Towing Corporation, Weeks Plaza, Henry Marine, Plaza Marine, Kirby  Offshore Marine, Bouchard Marine, Ener-G Rudox, Inc., DTE-Biomass and NES Rentals, Inc., Campbell Freightliner, Gabrielli Freightliner. 

In addition, Metrolube is the largest supplier of lubricants to a vast number of both Federal & City Municipalities in the Metro-NY-NJ area.  Supplying practically every lubricant to the NYC Transit Authority.

Metrolube was the first to market with an array of innovative products and services, offering the first bulk oil truck with the capacity to deliver multiple bulk liquid products without the possibility of product contamination by use of multiple compartments, meters and dedicated hoses.

In 2006 re-inventing our delivery service again by creating its newest and most efficient bulk delivery truck in the industry called the bulk-box hybrid.  This dedicated compartment bulk delivery truck has the ability to deliver, bulk oil, cases, pails, kegs and drums of any size at the same time, eliminating the need for a second truck and delivery to the same customer.  Our trucks also have the capacity to deliver bulk washer fluid and antifreeze, in addition to three different bulk products an industry first and currently the only one of its kind.

Metrolube has raised the bar another notch by developing and instituting a GPS tank probe monitoring system.  Originally only for a select number of customers, this system automatically monitors all of our customer's bulk inventory levels and sends deliveries out only when needed.  This system has provided all of our customers with the security of never being out of product in addition to providing a secure inventory control.

This system was a major factor when Metrolube was selected by Mercedes Benz to deliver bulk synthetic Mobil 1 products.  It was later adapted by ExxonMobil to be used by its distributors nationwide.  This system has become the accepted standard for most customers today leading GM to require their Cadillac dealers who stock Mobil 1 to have the system.

Metrolube has one of the most experienced sales staffs in the industry.  They handle all aspects of their customers concerns from lubricant recommendations to environmental concerns.  They are concerned about the bottom line not just the price.

Two of our Lubricant Consultants have in excess of 50 years selling experience in addition to being Certified Lubricant Engineers.

On July 19, 2013, NY Commercial Lubricants, Inc. was sold to new owners, Commercial Lubricants, LLC.  The new owners continue the tradtition of excellence for Metrolube's valued customers established over the last three decades.

Our constant commitment to customer service, our principals and the environment has made Metrolube into the powerhouse it is today!  Recently, ExxonMobil described Metrolube as one of their top distributors in the US today.

As you who have taken the time to read our story can see, since our inception in 1988 many things have changed but, some things haven't, our mission to hold true to our core values.

"Quality, Integrity, Reliability and Service"

A description of the services and commitment we will deliver on are below:

Complete environmental assessment including compliance with state and local regulations around registration of all bulk tanks and lubricant dispensing equipment, oil filters, disposal and other related items.

Implementing a good; better, best program for your equipment's drain intervals.

Installation of our exclusive GPS inventory control monitoring system on all motor oil tanks; thus enabling you to access accurate inventory data, eliminate run outs, match repair order versus your inventory.

Trucks outfitted with a real time GPS satellite tracking and navigation system to ensure prompt on time deliveries and real time computer access with delivery truck location.

Dedicated professional Lubrication Consultants with 2 (two) on staff Certified Lubrication Engineers.  Each Lubrication Consultant is available via our in-house voice mail, your message will be directly sent within minutes to their cellular phone, or you may call them directly, text or email.  Our sales team will visit you on your schedule and provide you with the services you require as a customer.

Metrolube stocks heavy duty, car, bus and truck antifreezes.

We also carry a full complement of biodegradable lubricants, greases, hydraulic fluids, heat transfer oil, chemical products, biodegradable washer fluids, various shop chemicals, car/truck oil and air filters, mineral spirits, kerosene, shop towels, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid ("DEF") to meet all of your needs and expectations.